Solar Panel Installation Contractors for Residential and Commercial

The Solar Pros are experienced in home and office power system installations throughout Southern California and the Inland Empire.

Solar Panel Manufacturers

Kyocera, Solar World and Canadian Solar are the industry leading producers of the latest in panel technology, assuring you we are installing the most efficient panels for your home or office.

It is not if you are going to go solar . . . IT'S WHEN?!!!

Alternative energy generated by sun power is not a passing fade, the number of homes with a solar power system is skyrocketing with the advancement of technology and materials that has lowered the cost.

Everest CrossHook NO TILE HOLES Mounting System

This unique panel mount attaches to the roof under the tile, resulting in a more secure mount and no holes drilled in your roofing tiles while complementing the black panel frames for the best aesthetic appeal.

Another High Electric Bill?..STOP CRYING!

Do something about it. Let us help you eliminate your electric bill forever, while you help the environment. Click through to our online form or call us today to get more information now.

Don't Lease, 
Own the Solar Panels for Your Home

Don't fall into the lease trap which will leave you with a huge balloon payment at the end. We have several finance options for which you can qualify. Not only will you be producing clean energy and lowering your cost of living, you will also be able to take advantage of the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit and some counties offer rebates and more tax credits. This investment will add value to your home as well as reduce or eliminate your electric bill. Your dream of getting solar panels for your home can start to become a reality today. The first step is getting your Free Solar Quote.

FREE Solar Quote >>>

FREE Solar Quote >>>
Fill out our free quote form and we will work up an estimate that includes all the plans, permits, engineering, installation labor and 24/7 monitoring system.

Join Referral Network >>>

Join Referral Network >>>
We will "PAY YOU" our referral partner fee of $500 for every customer you send us our way that purchases one of our residential Solar Electric Systems.

Qualify For Financing >>>

Qualify For Financing >>>
The FHA Title I Home Improvement Loan, offers no equity or appraisal requirements, 100% upfront funding, no prepayment penalties, flexible loan terms and interest may be tax deductible to qualified applicants.

Solar Power System Installation Contractor
by Solar Pros Incorporated

A solar power system installed by Solar Pros Inc. insures you that you will be harnessing your home with the most efficient solar panels, electrical and monitoring systems for the best price in Southern California. Remember it's not about if you are going solar; it's about when? There are not many alternative energy sources available and your new solar panel installation will be an investment in the environment with clean energy from day one, plus most systems pay themselves off in 7 years or less. Go green and get green, doesn't get much better than that.