Admirals Bank Solar Loan Programs

Residential solar and renewable energy systems are some of the most rewarding investments you can purchase for your home.  A renewable energy system can not only help you produce clean energy, but can also help you save money, reduce your reliance on third-party power, and may also increase the value of your home.

Purchasing your renewable energy improvement is perhaps the best way to maximize your investment.



* The FHA Title I Home Improvement Loan.
* Maximum Loan Amount: $25,000 – FICO 650+
* No equity or appraisal required.
* 100% upfront funding.
* No prepayment penalties.
* Flexible loan terms.
* Interest may be tax deductible.
* No seasoning requirements.
* Borrow $15,000 more with the PLUS 1 Loan.

Advantages of Direct Ownership

* Federal Tax Credits.
* State and Local Incentives.
* Increase Value of your home – $20 to $1 Ratio.
* Eligible Solar Pro’s “GO GREEN” Rebate Program.
* Payments may decrease.
* No Pre-Payment penalties.
* Tax Deductible Interest.
* Now you own your own power.
* Once Approved – You own your solar system.
* No more electric bills – in most cases.
* Become Energy Independent.


Admirals Solar Step Down Loan – Is your FICO 700+? … Borrow up to $40,000 for your Solar Project.

Admirals overview on Solar – Why Admirals and Why Solar?

Are you ready to take advantage of direct ownership with Admirals Renewable Energy Financing?

Click the “Apply Now” button and talk to our Admirals representative – Dean Charpentier … He has “ALL” the answers to your questions.


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