EnerBankUSA / Kyocera Solar Loan Program

Starting at 1.99% Interest



* 100% Unsecured Loan.
* Maximum Loan Amount: $65,000
* No equity or appraisal required.
* Staged funding.
* No prepayment penalties.
* No default interest rate.
* Flexible loan terms.
* FDIC Insured Bank.
* Loan is not attached to home.

Advantages of Direct Ownership

Residential solar and renewable energy systems are some of the most rewarding investments you can purchase for your home.  An alternative energy system cannot only help you produce clean energy, but can also help you save money, reduce your reliance on fossil fuel power, and may also increase the value of your home while giving you tax break benefits.

Purchasing your renewable energy improvement is perhaps the best way to maximize your investment.

* Federal Tax Credits.
* State and Local Incentives.
* Increase Value of your home – $20 to $1 Ratio.
* Eligible Solar Pro’s “GO GREEN” Rebate Program.
* Payments may decrease.
* No Pre-Payment penalties.
* Tax Deductible Interest.
* Now you own your own power.
* Once Approved – You own your solar system.
* No more electric bills – in most cases.
* Become Energy Independent.


Call Kirk today to apply for this loan: 951-244-PROS (7767)

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