Why Buy Solar Panels For Your Home?

Energy prices are increasing at an alarming rate. With heating and cooling costs continually climbing, homeowners are left worrying if their home energy costs will double or triple!

Individuals, as well as businesses, are searching for alternative energy sources that are not only less expensive but friendly to our environment.

Solar panels are the most cost effective, long term solutions for alternative energy for both residential and commercial buildings in Southern California.

Energy costs will NEVER go down!

Don’t get frustrated … Take advantage of your options

Almost everyone these days are financing their residential solar electric systems using various green energy programs, like we do, without taking a double look at the direct benefits of purchasing your system out right. Please see the list below.

Solar Power is one of the answers to our ever increasing energy bill and the closest thing there is to free electricity. By harnessing the most powerful energy source we have, the sun, we can reduce and sometimes eliminate costly energy alternatives.

My Electric bill went up 18% … Really?

With a Solar Panel Installation
You Can Make a Difference …

The “Greening of America” is more than a motto. Homeowners everywhere are looking to decrease the effect that fossil fuels have upon our environment. Solar energy, is a renewable energy source that does not leave the devastating “carbon footprint” that so many of the other resources currently leave. Utility companies even allow for carbon offsets when paying your home energy bill.

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Don’t we deserve a clean future?

Why not avoid the problem to begin with! … Solar Pros has been a leading proponent of photovoltaic cell installation for many years. Wouldn’t you rather do business with a company that has been concerned for our environment for many years, and is not just trying to make money off of the nation’s new found environmental concerns?

Whether you are heating a pool or cooling a house, solar panels for your home are the renewable energy resource of choice by smart home owners.

Sun power and Solar Pros is the right choice for you! Efficient … Safe … & Trustworthy.


Say Goodbye to High Energy Costs!
Shouldn’t you call us now for a no obligation consultation?

Here are your direct benefits when choosing a Solar Pro’s install:

* 30% Federal Tax Credit as of NOW!
* Instant Home Equity – $20.73 for every $1 saved in energy.
* Solar is Non Taxable.
* Attractive Payback.
* No Property Tax reassessments.
* Reduce or eliminate your electric bill forever!
* When rates go up, your’s stay fixed.
* Best warranty available— 25 Years.
* Great selling advantage if you sell your home.

Well … What are you waiting for? … CONTACT US and let us STOP the bleeding!

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