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Learn How Easy It Is For You To Get A Quality Backup Battery Storage Solution Installed With Or Without Solar!

Why Get A Battery Storage Solution For Your Home?

Even if you don’t have solar, having a battery backup storage system is crucial for a host of reasons. Everything from rolling blackouts due to increased fire dangers, high energy prices during peak hours, and reducing your carbon footprint.

If you are in a high fire danger area, the power companies have started to use planned rolling blackouts to prevent fires caused by electrical issues and decrease their exposure to lawsuits.

In this situation, all power will be turned off in some high fire danger areas, and will only be turned back on once the fire danger has subsided. For many homes and businesses in California, it could be days or weeks before power is restored. If you use your solar panels and or charge your battery storage up at low rate hours, you can run your entire house during these blackouts and keep the lights, air conditioner, and fridge running.

If you are in a fire danger zone, have high energy rates during peak times, want to go off-grid or want to be able to live normally when the lights are off, then a battery storage backup is the perfect choice. And with the available rebate programs recently announced, its the best time to speak with us about getting battery storage.

How To Qualify For The Current Battery Rebate Program

You can get a versatile, powerful battery backup for much less if you meet just one (1) of these conditions you probably qualify;


1: Dependent on an electric pump well for water supply

2: Had your power turned off twice in 12 months because of fire danger

3: On a medical baseline rate due to dependence on life support devices( such as respirators) or wheelchair

4: Additional heating or cooling is medically necessary.

The Stackbatt battery is designed for maximum safety and designed to take all loads off-grid, not just a few critical loads. Complete Grid Replacement, make the Stackbatt ideal for off-grid applications.

Add to your existing solar or stand-alone. 🌞 Solar panels are NOT NEEDED. Solar can be added at a discounted rate now or at a later date if you want.



Specifications (Residential):

  • 100% OFF-GRID
  • Scalable from 7 kwh – 120 kwh in the same enclosure​
  • Advanced Lithium Chemistry
  • 15,000 Watts at 120/240 split phase, (stackable and scalable Inverters) in 5 KW stacks UL 1741
  • 150% surge for 45 minutes.
  • 7c Charge Rate continuous(12c @ 15s)
  • 20 yr Cycle Life @ 100% DOD ​
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Powers A/C’s and motor loads

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My husband and I had Solar Pros install a system, on our home, nearly two years ago. We have not paid a monthly, public electric bill since. Kirk and his employees were very professional and walked us through the financing and rebate process. It was a very positive experience. The inspector said he had never seen such a clean installation. We have not regretted our decision to go solar or to use Solar Pros. We highly recommend Kirk, Julie and their team.

Robbin B, Sun City, CA - Yelp Review

Solar Pros was amazing from beginning to end. Kirk made it so easy! He helped us apply for the HERO loan, so there was literally nothing out of pocket, and it was absolutely painless! Once the approval happened-which was SO quick- his team of professionals was out to do the work. Their bid came in well under our other estimates. They were efficient, friendly, professional, and absolutely meticulous! Our solar system was installed so quickly, it is fantastic, and impressed even the inspectors! He made sure that every detail was done to perfection. Our system has worked beautifully, and he was great to counsel us on how to make sure the system was always working at optimal levels, and how to make sure everything went smoothly even after the installation. I would absolutely, HIGHLY recommend him to ANYONE looking to get solar, and I would urge everyone to get solar! It has saved us SO much money even just in the first year! I am thrilled with our service from Kirk Lessley and his team of professionals!! Thank you Kirk and Solar Pros, Inc.!!

Mandy A, Menifee, CA Yelp Review

Solar Pros installed our system close to two years ago, and we couldn’t be happier. The installation was quick and well done. Kirk’s calculations were spot on, and our system produces 100% of our electric needs. The information provided about financing and rebates was accurate and extremely helpful. It may sound a little silly, but I enjoy checking the app on my phone every day to see how much energy each panel is producing. I recommend this company to anyone wanting solar installed correctly and at a reasonable price.

Herb C, Yellow Pages Review

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