This is how to properly size your solar power system:

This has puzzled, bewildered and perplexed people for a LONG time now on how to properly size a solar electric system, ” YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A ROCKET SCIENTIST” … It’s simple.

Just follow the steps below and you will have success in figuring out the size of your solar installation!!!


All Solar power systems are priced on a “Price Per Watt” basis, so “NEVER” pay over $5.50 a DC watt for any residential solar electric system installed.


– Get out a sheet of paper and write, Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July and so on up to December like I did below … Now Contact your electric provider and ask them for your annual kilowatt hours used each month for this current year.

Write down on that sheet of paper whatever your electric provider tells you for that specific month, write it down like I did here.

January659 - kilowatt hours
February607 - kilowatt hours
March701 - kilowatt hours
April721 - kilowatt hours
May719 - kilowatt hours
June950 - kilowatt hours
July975 - kilowatt hours
August995 - kilowatt hours
September998 - kilowatt hours
October850 - kilowatt hours
November700 - kilowatt hours
December612 - kilowatt hours
Total Year9,487 (Divide this by 12)



– Add up your yearly kilowatt hour usage like we did for this example. 9,487


– Divide your yearly kilowatt hour usage by 12 to get your monthly average. i.e. 790

The monthly kilowatt hour average for this example is “790”, now all you have to do is Click Here, fill out our online form so we can better serve you with the right solar power system for your home at the “BEST” installed price.

STILL NEED A LITTLE HELP?: Our energy expert’s are just a phone call away! … Contact Us or call Solar Pros directly at 951-244-7767 (PROS), we are up and open until 10:00 PM PST – Seven days a week!

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