Solar Panel Financing Options

You’ve Decided To Go Solar; The Next Step Is How To Pay For It. We Can Help!

Should You Pay CAsh, Finance, LEase or PPA?

The immediate and long-term financial benefits of buying a solar energy system make them quite attractive, but a solar photovoltaic (PV) system can be a sizeable upfront investment. Even if you decide not to purchase your solar PV system in cash, solar financing options through the HERO Program, or other lending programs, provides you the benefits of owning solar without the upfront expense.

Solar Loans vs. Solar Leases

Don’t fall into the lease trap which will leave you with a huge balloon payment at the end. We have several finance options for which you can qualify. Not only will you be producing clean energy and lowering your cost of living, but you will also be able to take advantage of the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, and some counties offer rebates and more tax credits. This investment will add value to your home as well as reduce or eliminate your electric bill.

You probably purchased your home because renting was lining the pockets of your landlord. Well, if you sign a solar lease or PPA, you are “renting” the solar panel system from the solar company that owns it. If you install solar panels with a solar loan, you are the system owner who can take all of the benefits of owning solar.

Solar Financing Options

Find out which solar financing option is best for you


My husband and I had Solar Pros install a system, on our home, nearly two years ago. We have not paid a monthly, public electric bill since. Kirk and his employees were very professional and walked us through the financing and rebate process. It was a very positive experience. The inspector said he had never seen such a clean installation. We have not regretted our decision to go solar or to use Solar Pros. We highly recommend Kirk, Julie and their team.

Robbin B, Sun City, CA - Yelp Review

Solar Pros was amazing from beginning to end. Kirk made it so easy! He helped us apply for the HERO loan, so there was literally nothing out of pocket, and it was absolutely painless! Once the approval happened-which was SO quick- his team of professionals was out to do the work. Their bid came in well under our other estimates. They were efficient, friendly, professional, and absolutely meticulous! Our solar system was installed so quickly, it is fantastic, and impressed even the inspectors! He made sure that every detail was done to perfection. Our system has worked beautifully, and he was great to counsel us on how to make sure the system was always working at optimal levels, and how to make sure everything went smoothly even after the installation. I would absolutely, HIGHLY recommend him to ANYONE looking to get solar, and I would urge everyone to get solar! It has saved us SO much money even just in the first year! I am thrilled with our service from Kirk Lessley and his team of professionals!! Thank you Kirk and Solar Pros, Inc.!!

Mandy A, Menifee, CA Yelp Review

Solar Pros installed our system close to two years ago, and we couldn’t be happier. The installation was quick and well done. Kirk’s calculations were spot on, and our system produces 100% of our electric needs. The information provided about financing and rebates was accurate and extremely helpful. It may sound a little silly, but I enjoy checking the app on my phone every day to see how much energy each panel is producing. I recommend this company to anyone wanting solar installed correctly and at a reasonable price.

Herb C, Yellow Pages Review

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